The American Society of Naval Engineers is dedicated to its heritage of technical principles. A heritage built upon the commitment of each member to un-compromised professionalism and pursuit of the highest standards of business and personal conduct as expressed in the following articles:

  • We will only accept assignments we are qualified to perform, and we will perform at a high level of professional competence.
  • We will conduct ourselves in accordance with both the letter and the spirit of the applicable law and regulations of jurisdictions where we perform engineering within our discipline.
  • We will be alert to the totality of our conduct so that a series of actions, each falling within the technical parameters of the law, when viewed together, will not give the appearance of improper or unethical behavior.
  • We will not accept assignments that place us in conflicting roles that may bias our objectivity or judgement. Compensation will not be accepted from more than one party, even if permitted by law, without the full knowledge of all parties involved. Real or apparent conflicts of interest will be fully disclosed to the affected clients at the earliest opportunity.
  • We will not disclose sensitive information to third parties without specific authorization. Sensitive information obtained will be safeguarded from disclosure.
  • We shall neither seek unfair advantage over other naval engineers nor publicity disparage the professional performance of another engineer and shall perform engineering within our discipline so as to avoid unnecessary controversy.
  • We shall conduct business and advertise in a restrained and highly professional manner avoiding exaggeration and misrepresentation.
  • We will work to the mutual benefit of the Society and the Naval Engineering profession by sharing the lessons of experience and professional study with fellow naval engineers.

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